Ocular Hypertension


Roberta was given the diagnosis from her Dr. 5 years ago with Ocular Hypertension. Possibly the start of Glaucoma. Roberta’s Husband has been a patient of Dr. Paul’s for many years.
In February Roberta had noticed a floater in one of her eyes, she was in pain due to the building pressure and her levels were high. The highest that was noted were over 30. Average levels for the eyes are between 18 and 20.

Her husband Ed recommended she go to see Dr. Paul for a nutrition consultation.
She came in with her husband for the consultation. Dr. Paul recommended vitamins and adjustments for her. She was faithful and did all that Dr. Paul recommended she do.
This summer her last visit her levels were noted at 21. The lowest they have been in 5 years!

She continues to see Dr. Paul and take the nutrition he recommends for her.
Ultra Clear and Liquid Fish Oil being among the few she religiously takes.

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